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    So do you know what the relay in no2 is for by any chance? And I do have rear wiper but it doesn’t work, I haven’t looked at it since I had the car.



    Ah, I think the 72 is in the wrong place then?


    Right, from website for CE2 fuse boxes (1990-), we have;-

    Relay  Function        Relay Nos
     1    A/C   13 or 140
     2    Rear Wiper Delay   72
     3    Digifant/Motronic Control Unit   30, 32 or 109
     4    Load Reduction Relay   18
     5    Low Coolant Level Control Unit   43
     6    Flashers   21
     7    Headlight Washer   33
     8    Wash/Wipe/Intermittent Relay   19 or 99
     9    Seat Belt Warning Unit   4 or 29
    10    Fog Light Relay   110 or 53
    11    Horn   53
    12    Glow Plug Relay   102 or 104


    Yep, looks like relay 72 is in the wrong place!



    Thanks for your help on that one Clive, my rear wiper now works. Still no 4wd in reverse.


    Chris S

    This may help

    The Syncro Transmission System.
    Fitted in a variety of vehicles, the system fitted to the Mk2 golf Syncro will be described. First used in approx. 1986, a modified version of this design is still used today (Haldex)
    Essentially an extension to the front wheel drive system, (without any form of differential locking) the gearbox is modified to accept a 90 degree take off (Transfer Box) from the differential cage to provide power to the rear wheels.From the Transfer box a propshaft is connected to a Viscous Coupling on the front of the Rear Differential with shafts driving the rear wheels.

    Transfer Box
    This splits the available power off the gearbox via a rubber bushing to the propshaft and again via a second rubber bushing to the Viscous Coupling.
    The rubber bushings offer a degree of flexibility when the engine moves as well as reducing transmission snatch

    Viscous Coupling
    This is the “magic” bit of the Syncro 4wd system and is the part that controls the amount of drive sent to the back wheels.
    The VC consists of a series of circular plates immersed in a silicon fluid. The construction is of “in” and “out” plates interleaved together, the “in plates are connected to the main casing and form the input part of the VC unit. The “out” plates are connected to the central output shaft connecting to the rear differential.
    When all 4 road wheels are turning at the same speed, the “in” and “out” plates in the VC turn together at the same speed but are isolated from each other and no power is transmitted through the VC unit.
    If one or both front wheels begin to slip the car begins to slow but the drive through the transfer box, the propshaft and the VC unit continue to turn at the same speed.
    The “in” discs in the VC unit are now effectively turning faster than the “out” discs and this difference causes the silicon fluid in the VC unit to “sheer “and change from a thin fluid to a thick gel. This causes the VC to “lock” the discs together allowing power to be supplied to the rear wheels. (The greater the difference in speed of the discs the faster the fluid reacts and the harder it locks the discs together).
    The vehicle is now in 4WD or more realistically 3 or even rear wheel drive!!

    The final part of the VC story is now the discs are locked together, there is no speed difference between them and the silicon fluid begins to thin, as it does the discs start to slip and the fluid reacts and locks the VC again. (This happens so quickly that drive is supplied continuously to the rear wheels until the front wheels stop slipping)

    Rear Differential
    This operates as a conventional differential with one exception it allows drive in one direction and freewheels in the other. This can be reversed by a mechanism that is controlled by an electrical solenoid and vacuum actuator to enable 4WD when reverse gear is selected.
    (The operation of this device gives the characteristic “Clunk” occasionally heard when the car is moved in reverse)

    The 2 deciding factors that determine how much power is sent to the rear wheels is the difference in speed between the front wheels and the difference in speed of the VC plates (or more correctly speed difference between the front and rear wheels)

    This system simply but cleverly provides a fully variable 4WD system that theoretically can vary between 100:0 to 0: 100 i.e. front wheel drive, through 50:50 split 4WD to rear wheel drive.

    Realistically rear wheel drive (0:100) is not possible as both front wheels would have no contact at all…. I guess the front wheels hanging over a cliff just might count!

    Originally Authored & posted by audi doody (rallye mike) [:)]



    Cheers for that Chris some good info in there, I was going to add to that thread to say where I got the viscous fluid for the coupling from but see the thread is over 2 years old now so maybe a bit pointless.


    Chris S

    Its not pointless, please add the link



    OK Chris, job done!



    My new front shock absorbers arrived today, I managed to get a pair from Germany for £280 including shipping. Nearly half the price VW Heritage quoted me for 1.[:0][:0][:0]2072B52A-4ECE-4711-AE32-088BD9088D96-10734-000006A55FA7AA90.jpg


    Chris S

    Do you have the Bilstein part number please?



    do they do Country rear shocks too?



    As it goes yes the fella (teile333) offered me a set of rears, I think they were the same price because he offered me the full set shipped from Germany for EUR660, I paid EUR330 for the fronts so must be same. Chris the part number off the shock is 22-219589. Here is the listing for the fronts that I seen….., I was a bit gutted because these actually sold for less than the price I agreed with him. He had 2 sets of fronts not sure how many rears he had. Also said he had the front spot/fog lights with grilles.



    Did you contact him re2???



    no i didnt. Been spending on the track car

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