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  • in reply to: Nurburgring again!!! #7960

    Im liking the sound of this !
    You dont wana go from Hull tho as us folk from up North may get dry skin from the lack of rain [:)]

    Ps, is there a lap time in the snow ?

    in reply to: What did you do to your Syncro today? #7959

    SNOW !!![:D]
    Today I went out and watched people trying to pull away from junctions. I also tweeked the timing and mix scew on the carb.
    I am now wondering if i shoud buy some winter tyres but then the wee Golf is good for doughnuts and still pulls nice with standard tyres !!

    in reply to: What did you do to your Syncro today? #7920

    Today I fitted new spark plugs, BRISK LR15YS Silver [:0] Set the gat to .9mm
    Seems to make idle smoother and better starting, I recon they are a good upgrage if running high octane fuel (alcohol).
    I have been using Bosch super 4, havn’t done many miles on them but did notice the gap between each piont was slightly different. I would think they should wear together ? Maybe this is why some people think NGK are better.

    Anyone got there opinon on plugs ?

    in reply to: Turbo Diesel Syncro? #7805

    I was thinking of doing the same with my mk2.
    I put a 1.6td motor from a passat in a Audi 80 Quattro a few years ago as vag never made a diesel 4wd car in the 1980’s.

    My main troubles were, the exhaust as this had to be made to fit, but as the engine was the other way round (facing forward) it was quite easy. I sure a good s/steel exhaust manufacturer would sort the down pipe for you if you dont have the welding patience.

    The 1.6td engine (inter cooled) was good for 80bhp and around the same tourqe as the 1.8 petrols.
    The 1.9td were 75bhp with no improvements in torque, this engine was built for better emissions so had less power.
    I loved my Audi, i used it for towing and what a fu@@ing great tool,
    45mpg, 4wd, stuck to the road and I ran it on 100% veg oil[:D]

    You may ask why did i get rid of it ?
    Well the steering was sh@t, it had no power steering but that wasnt the issue i could deal with heavy parking but the rack was so slow
    and lifeless. She was great to dive on a long run but twisty a,b roads took a lot of effort. I still miss her tho. I even named her Suzy after Suzy Quattro [:(]
    As Chris had said the gear ratio will be (a bit off for a diesel)
    but dont let this put you off. As long as you arent after hiting 100mph all the time. I use the same gear box and ratio on the Audi and it was ok utill you get to 80-90mph when the engine was doing 4500 revs which doesnt sound good after a few hours of driving.
    So i guess it depends on what you are wanting to use the car for, daily driver and tow car-fine, or something to tear up the autobhann-change the gears.

    From my experince the we 1.6td were good, easy tunned ,economical,very reliable etc BUT- they are easy to over-heat as the turbo and oil gets hot, if you use the 1.6s fit a massive oil cooler to make it last[;)] Also the cylinder heads are a bit of a weak point.
    If I were to do the convertion to my Mk2 I would stick a 1.9 norm asperated (1y engine) in, they may only have 67bhp but I recon they are one of the most rebust and reliable engines vw made.
    Pump it with nitros ox for some fun [:D]
    You could go for a tdi engine but then you could also go and buy a A3 quattro tdi and give you hard erned money to a dealer to fix the elctrical injector pump which will go tits up.[:(!]

    Good luck

    in reply to: Brake servo or vac leak #7641

    I blanked off the tube at the side of the in-manifold and it made no difference to the running at idle, and after sucking on all the tubes attached (brake serv, 4wd res, dizz advance) i could’nt feel any leaks ? One way valves seem ok.
    Tried the brake test and the pedal moved down when started.

    Would be interesting to know if any one with this set-up (weber 34dmtr or standard carb) finds the same ?
    It only changes idle speed if you continuosly pump the brakes. I can live with it tho,

    Thanks for the replys.

    in reply to: No 4wd in reverse ? #6957

    Problem fixed [:D]
    Blocked vac pipe, the green one !

    in reply to: No 4wd in reverse ? #6924

    Just a thought,
    If the free wheel isn’t working in reverse would it be possible to wire up the rear diff with a switch , so if you need 4wd going backwards you push the switch and power goes to the solenoid on the diff to engage drive.

    This may be a bodge but if the electrics are realy bad would this be a solution to the problem by being able to operate the diff manualy ?

    in reply to: Timing marks ?, gu engines #6917

    Cheers, nice link.
    Managed to get her going !
    As the cylinder head was off i got the engine to tdc on no1 cylinder,and so found the small mark on the fly wheel.
    Then put the cam sproket dot lined up to the top of the head, then after cleaning the top of the distributor found the notch.
    I got her running but the dizzy was right off from before.

    After a wee tune up shes runing ok but when shes warmed up i have found no 4cylinder is miss-firing. Its ok if the revs are over 1100rpm ?

    I have fitted a reconed gti head so hope the heads not at fault.
    I have blanked the holes with pennys and sealer and fitted a new manifold gasket as it sounds like an air leak ?

    I will have to do a compression check next i think.

    in reply to: No 4wd in reverse ? #6884

    Thanks Chris
    If it looks like the switch is at fault i may need one from you!

    I managed to pull the head of an EV engine last night so hopefully it will recondition ok.
    Looks like ive got a busy weekend [:)]

    in reply to: No 4wd in reverse ? #6882

    Will do.
    I had the prob before but just turned out to be the reversing light fuse.

    Is there a way of checking the system buy putting the car in reverse and looking to see if the diaphram has moved or does this only operate when the wheel are actually turning ?

    What colour wires shoud i check in the revsing switch ?


    in reply to: New cylinder head for GU engine ? #6880

    I gona have a look to see if there is a sticking or loose , time for some new followers i think. Cheers Chris/Danny

    Alexisblades;Thats a great link ,looks fiddly but will save you £££££££££££££££ if you have a 16 valver.

    PS. Does Father Christmas have a Syncro[:D]

    in reply to: New cylinder head for GU engine ? #6872

    Im gona try to get hold of a decent gti head and get it reconditioned.
    If not I will get my gu head done.

    Am i missing something ? The head has a constant rattle , do you think putting shims on the hyd tappets could be a cure ?
    Its maybe past that stage but am wondering if i can buy some time before I start with the head work.

    in reply to: New cylinder head for GU engine ? #6867

    Got a close up of you head thanks, looks like the code is
    026 103373g.
    Sounds good but i wonder if there is a difference in this engine and the PB that Chris has said is best ?

    Sorry for messing about but i want to be sure before i start spending money on stuff that wont be the best option for my block.

    Maybe 026 and the 036 heads will work but i wonder if there is actually any difference between the two [?]

    in reply to: New cylinder head for GU engine ? #6865

    Chris. or anyone.
    Can you shed some light on the cylinder head codes.
    Whats the differece ? 026 103 373f
    026 103 373aa
    Do you think they are from the pb engine ?

    in reply to: New cylinder head for GU engine ? #6864

    Hey id50
    what was the gx head fitted to ,2.0 GTI ?
    Do you think it needs reconditioned and will it bolt up like the gu head ?

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