Welcome to the VWSyncro forums.

Once you’re all logged in you may wish to Subscribe to all forums to get email notifications since this platform doesn’t let us subscribe to an entire forum/section, only individual sub-forms & topics, so I made a “subscribe to all” page. You shouldn’t be inundated with emails since there’s not that many new posts.

So finally we got the forums converted across to a newer platform so this is hopefully the new version of the vwsyncro.co.uk forums.

OLD FORUM USERS: Your username from the old forums should work, but you will need to reset your password before you can log in here. 

Then please head over to the forumsThe old ‘active topics’ has a new name recent topics (there’s a link on the top menu too).

This site should work on smartphones, android, IOS, and depending on your browser you should even be able to post pics etc from mobile devices (e.g. chrome).

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V2 of the vwsyncro.co.uk forums

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