Welcome to the VWSyncro forums.

Due to spambots we’re now doing registrations manually (since there’s not that many syncronauts), so if you want to join the forums please email us at and we’ll set you up.

This might seem like an annoying step but this site was under constant attack by bots and rather than wondering whether our defences were going to fail one day we just add members manually. There’s not many of us as it is so it’s not really been a problem.

Consequently we enjoy zero spam bots on our forums and everyone on here is very much into syncros 🙂

Please let us know what username you’d like when you email.

Thank you 🙂


I’m not sure whether it’ll work out or not but I found a thing to let folks log in using accounts, or google, apple etc, so perhaps that sidesteps our signups/bots thing:


V2 of the forums

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