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It’s been quiet here for a while, my right hand was surgered 2 weeks ago so recovery keeps me out from garage at least 4 weeks. Also as we are living in the middle of winter time here in Finland, part of my time goes to restore old snowmobiles, have to share time to several projects.

Anyways, it has been perfect time to handle part ordering from Classic parts as well as from Autodoc. My Engine looks like attached, new part list is long.. Going to hone cylinders, new piston rings, all bearings + bolts and seals, clutch kit, timing belt set + water pump, Ina valve lifters etc etc

At the end of January all subframe parts, metal bumbers, spare wheel bracket etc goes to sand blasting and powder coating, going to choose Satin black colour, Don’t know if bumbers and spare wheel bracket colour has been originally sort of grey as it looks like OR they have a sunburn, but feel Satin black looks great with tornado red colour when also all of those “greyish” plastic parts are recoated using black colour.



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