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Chris, tnx for replying again.

OUTS, that would be very bad news if VC is broken, it’s too rare to find used VC in working condition here but I haven’t give in with it yet. Can it effect anyhow if freewheel lock solenoid valve is broken?

All wires between reverse switch vs freewheel control unit vs solenoid are checked and are ok.

I took resverse switch out and open, I will check and clean it today, it looks a bit tricky so need to be careful. I took freewheel solenoid valve out from car as well, it looks like there is broken pin in solenoid, could anyone who knows this system verify photo below, from internet I can see there should be round fitting at the end of “brown” plastic pin which is connected then to freewheel moving mechanism, pin head looks to be broken long ago. If this is the case, I’m willing to buy this pin if anyone owns and willing to sell?


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