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    Chris S

    I first discovered that VW had made a 4wd Golf 2 in 2002 when & saw an advert for one on marktplaats (an ebay online sales site) here in the Netherlands,
    This led to me buying my first Golf Syncro

    I got ripped off good style by the garage I bought it from.
    it leaked engine oil, steering fluid, gearbox oil, rear diff oil, cooling water.

    but I loved it, it was the start of an almost 20 year ongoing love affair with the Golf 2 Syncro

    We on here even coined the term ‘Syncronitis’ to try to explain these feelings for a supposedly inanimate object

    Since then I have owned 4 different Golf 2 Syncro models

    1) 1988 4 door Syncro (GU carburetor motor)
    with vw metal sunroof & ABS (2002 to 2006 when it caught fire in the silencer backbox & was written off

    2) 1989 2 door Syncro GT (1p Digifant motor with ABS & all options) sold today

    3) 1986 2 door Syncro (GX motor) bought for my Daughter & went to England since lost contact with the new owner after she sold it

    4) 1986 4 door Syncro GU Carb motor bought in 2110 for my wife here in Netherlands & also sold today

    So this evening for the first time in nearly 20 years I am without a Syncro,

    I will not be buying a new one as I cant afford it, the prices have skyrocketed over the past few years,
    + I am now living within the limits of my old age pension

    but I will still be part of the community here, and available to answer questions, & maybe even to supply some parts



    so they’re all collected and shipped out then.. :'(

    but hey you built some fun cars, not just your own either..I mean all the ones of the people you’ve helped 🙂

    My website | My Youtube channel (both mostly bike related)

    Chris S

    Yes they have both gone, collected & shipped out.

    In the nearly 20 years we have been online, I wonder how many people we have helped & how many cars we have saved?
    it must be well into the hundreds for both cars & people & yes it has been great fun. 🙂

    One thing I will never forget, is the big smile I had on my face every time I went out in my Syncro GT!

    Chris S

    And there they go

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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