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Not too much exciting stuff has been going on, its just been getting used 😀
Made a slight upgrade to the front speakers, Morel 5.25″ components in place of the coaxial alpines. massive improvement! used the old factory tweeters and a mount for the new tweeters. The dash speakers being tweeters and not coaxials meant i could turn up the bass to the door speakers, so its a much fuller sound now and works well with sub.
Then at the beginning of June i took it to its 1st show! registered too late to put it in the show itself but got ‘classic car parking’ which had some very nice cars in. BUT! on the way in i pulled up by one of the organisers and moved into the show proper 😀 On the Sunday i parked with the Mk2 owners club. Really do recommend the show, very good and some amazing cars of all marques

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