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That was going to be the plan, until the below happened…

Wanted to get the subframe off today, and found this amazing bodge! One of the subframe bolts had obviously had a removal attempt before, snapped, and then just been mastic’d back on!! 😀
This fixing proved to be the undoing of the subframe, The bolt passes through a sleeve, this has welded itself to the bolt. To the extent that the sleeve had actually detached itself from the subframe. The only option was to lever the subframe down, all this did was show why the sleeve was free… it basically fell the top of the subframe!
This left me with the leftover bolt with the sleeve rusted to it, a set of stilsons soon unwound the bolt, sleeve inc and that job was done!
Also found the reason for my steering rack being so wet, fluid filling up the boot that covers the steering column, so will have to remove that and get it rebuilt.
Have a new subframe on order..

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