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im not noisy 😀 Splitting the engine from the gearbox was pretty hard, the previous owner has at some stage re used two mangled bolts and put them in the hardest to reach holes! (one in the bellhousing behind angle drive, and one in the angle drive bracket. Needed to chisel them round in the end!
So, now to bolt the angle drive back on the box and thats ready to go (sadly it has the usual one broken fixing, as they all seem to). Then just to remove the inlet and exhaust from the engine im having rebuilt and it can all get shipped!

Also got on with removing the rear engine mounts, the RH one is toast as expected, i think ill replace this with the hydromount off the 16v. The LH mount is ok but will be replaced anyway

The RH steering rack mount was knackered! One bolt had actually rotted through inside the subframe so was doing nothing! the other bolt was almost the same story. Also, after removing the rubber part of the mount i discovered a small rust hole in the subframe itself. it certainly does seem like a bit of a water trap that area? So, im going to have to remove the subframe and get it repaired, or buy a genuine new one for £400+…. a lot of money, but tempting……

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