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ok, so the car has been to the garage i use to get an alignment, swap to 16v front brakes and attend to the oil leak.
On the oil leak front, the old seal was replaced. but it was found that the bearing that holds the selector shaft central has failed and there is a LOT of movement. 🙁 a new bearing wouldnt have arrived in time, so that is something i have ordered from vw along with another seal and a new indent bolt. That will be fun to change myself..
The front engine mount had failed, so was replaced. some loom connectors were re terminated due to nearly being broken. Also a slight knock was traced to a small metal sleeve that fits inside the vertical bush on the front wishbone. I never fitted this because i never knew it existed!
Ignition leads, cap, rotor, plugs were replaced.
16V brakes were fitted, this has made an amazing difference to the feel of the brakes. in my opinion its the brakes the country should have been sold with, its a heavy old beast!

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