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Been out driving it this afternoon, after giving the brakes another bleed. Still not 100% but a LOT better. Does drive very nice with no creaks or groans 😀 and i think the ride height is quite nice too..
one thing that isnt right is the handbrake. Rallye cables are meant to be 1600mm long, after adjusting mine they seem too long. im at the end of the adjustment on the cable and it still isnt really tight enough. A bit of research shows all the aftermarket rallye cables are listed at 1655mm long!? So, that would explain that!!
Golf3 syncro cable are meant to be 1592, but aftermarket ones seem to be listed at 1600mm… BUT, the outer length is 200mm longer on the rallye ones 1195 vs 995, so that could possibly make them too short… my head hurts!
Vw heritage sell rallye cables listed at near £40 each! but they are 1600mm… Not sure what ones to try, or wether i can do anything with the ones i have..


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