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So, err… i seem to be amassing rear diffs.. im up to 4! Basically this started with the vc on my car being the wrong 22mm version, so the hunt was on for a 25mm version. Tricky because they just dont seem to be about. Bought one blind on ebay that was over 300 miles away, just thought id at least make my money back if its the wrong one. Thanks to very nice friends, it is slowly making its way down to me, but i have found out it has a 22mm vc 🙁
Had a quick look on ebay and found a guy within a mile of my house selling a rear diff/vc off a Rallye! Bingo! Popped over to pick it up and found he had 2! Picked one and took it home, all night its playing on mind.. should i buy the other.. that would then give me two 25mm vc set ups, a decent spare to have… and lo and behold it turned up on my doorstep this morning! I now have two 22mm and two 25mm set ups!
Guess ill have to move on the two 22mm set ups, not much point in having them, well the vc’s at least.

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