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Many thanks for the behind the scenes work to fix the issue.
Have you all been waiting with bated breath? Cant concentrate at work due to wondering what ive been up to?..
Lets rewind a week…….
Had an hour or two in the shed this morning after the Japanese GP, new rubber disc fitted, bolts were knackered but I had some spare. Interesting to see the VW part number on it seeing as it’s febi.
I then moved on to fitting the BMW bearings to the prop, now while they physically fitted when flange was fixed to the end it basically clamped the bearing and stopped it moving. Hhmm, comparing and measuring followed with head scratching.. eventually noticed that on the old bearing part of the rubber had been sliced off! (See pics for where I mean)This, once done to the new ones fixed the issue and it all fits good! So, for people thinking of fitting these bearings, it’s much easier to slice the rubber off before you fit the bearing.. I also got the Rallye heat shield fitted, fits well but certainly makes doing the bolts up harder!

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