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Front section of exhaust off and rest of prop, man! The C clips that hold it to the manifold! God knows how I got them off?! And I’ve gotta get them back on at some stage..
As you can see from the pics, the front rubber donut on the prop needs replacing, and you can see the damage to the bolts that was done when it came off. Plus the corresponding damage to the angle drive flange. I do have a spare flange, but no idea if it just comes off with that centre nut, or if that nut does a bit more… Any thoughts people? The nut in the centre of the cv flange on the prop, do i just undo that to remove the flange?
Also while we are on questions.. the exhaust, I’d like to try and keep it and repair. Looking at the pics of the flange join, do you think this a job an exhaust shop would be able to do? Like cut off both flanges and weld new ones on?

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