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one thing i forgot to mention above, is the amount of dirt the rear chassis plate holds! Amazingly they are in good contition and will be able to be re-used. The rear arms came off ok, only had to cut one bolt out insitu.
A bit of a change in plan with the rear brakes, i managed to get myself some rallye caliper carriers! So that means taking off the drum backplates……. not meant to be a easy job, and i could believe that looking at how mankey they looked…
But i guess i was lucky, heat and a hammer got them all out with no issues! ARB/brake bias assembley was removed,cleaned,freed off and check for correct operation-all ok!
And thats me up to date now, i need to cut the two bolts that hold the rear beam on (the ones that have the bush) then a whole load of stuff can go to get blasted, for me to paint.
I’ve got some relatively cheaper prop cv boots to have a go with, they do fit but the spreader plates for the bolts foul the metal of the boot. so i’ll need to grind the plates a little bit. No big deal though.

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