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Sorry, lots of pics on this one! had one last drive out to the Thames to have a kayak then it was coming off the road for work to commence. Starting with the front end. One of the 1st bodges i found was two different length front brake flexis, to get the wrong one to fit the bracket for it on the chassis had been drilled out. This meant the proper one would not fit now! So i sourced a new bracket from a breaker and fitted it to mine.
I had noticed that both inner cv boots were leaking, and i was getting a click from the front. What i didnt expect was for both the caps in the drive flanges to be missing! That would explain the leak.. One inner and one outer joint was pitted were replaced with gkn joints, new boots all round.
i was invested in this now, so the following was replaced
hubs x2
bearings x2
vented discs, shields and pads
braided brake hoses and new hard lines made up
lower wishbones and ball joints
track rods
cv joints and boots
new springs and bushes for them
i then realised this was a opportune time to replace the V belts, coolant stat and water pump.
the main problem i had was the vertical bolt through the wishbone, this is super long on a country. The head snapped off 🙁 My only option was to carefully cut the wishbone away from the bush, cut the bush off, very carefully cut the inner metal part exposing the bolt. I could then get a set of stillsons on the bolt and undo, success!
Lastly i replaced the engine oil and filter, and changed the gearbox and angle drive oil.
Now pictures!!

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