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next i found the speedo was over reading by a large amount, interestingly i realised that the country has its own specific speedo. what had happened is whoever had fitted the replacement engine had fitted the speedo from that car, luckily i found that the original speedo was in a box in the boot. At this time i also saw that classic parts still sold the country speedo, and it was only 30 euro’s! So i bought one just in case.. Removing the dash pod i found that the speedo cable was broke where it attaches to the speedo, it worked but i cant leave things like that..
Thankfully the original speedo worked on refitting. the speedo cable seemed to take me ages to get right, just couldnt engage it in the gearbox correctly for some reason!
Also, what i found out to be a common problem is the dash lights on the heater panel and switches didnt work, a bit of searching found a guy who fits led’s to them. Sent mine off to him and i’m pretty happy with the result.
i also wanted a stereo, dab to be exact. i didnt want one that lit up like a christmas tree as i wanted to match the 80’s dash. Kienzle fitted the bill nicely

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