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Once the car was back in the UK i had a few weeks to get it UK registered and a MOT certificate, as insurance companies dont like insuring foreign registered cars.
decided i’d also sort out the amazingly vague gearshift at the same time. You can see in the pictures that i bought the weighted shift rod, this turned out to be a bad purchase due to the syncro rods being different. some of these catch up posts will be out of order, but i do get distracted and flit from one job to another… So, this is all the linkage stuff. Made an amazing amount of difference. All bushes replaced, inc the the one in the shift box that the main rod passes through. The cup at the bottom of the shift box, All the rods on the gearbox replaced with new genuine ones, new gearstick, unfortunately not available genuine anymore. Then set it all up, which was amazingly easy compared to a T3!
And i do have to say, as i’ll likely forget as time goes on, this forum has been an amazing resource, a mine of information. Really has helped me in finding parts, how to do jobs ect. Plus Chris S has helped a lot too!

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