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    Audi Doody

    Hi everyone, just lately I’ve been thinking more and more about going back to the Nurburgring.
    Those of you who know of the disaster of last time, will maybe wonder if I have gone mad. However if I think over what happened, the problems developed from an individual who had a screw you attitude and did what he wanted, to the total detriment of everyone else.
    So I decided that if I was going again, and I was going to be involved in organizing it, I would try to do it differently than last time.

    My idea is that we would all agree to the priciple that we would look out for others, no one gets left behind on the way, and the experienced go out of their way to help the inexperienced and above all else common sense prevails.

    To me it’s important that everyone has the chance to “do the ring” and enjoy it, be it fast or slow with help if needed, and any “look at me, I’m so good/fast/clever”, or “could’t give a sh-t for you” attitude is left behind.

    Is this a viable thing? it might be of reassurance to some that they know they are not on their own in a strange country.
    essentially, we go out as a group and we come back as a group.
    the Ford RS owners club do it and have a great time, so why not us!

    I’m also considering the idea of getting an experienced “ringer” to give some advice, say in the hotel as a group chat or maybe as a ride along in the car!

    Am I hoping for too much? I would appreciate your views



    Chris S

    Good idea



    sounds like a well-thought out idea… :)



    id love to do it too, but it will depend on £ and timing


    Audi Doody

    Very early days, I know but to start it off, I would guess june,july august 2011 but I will look into finding a quieter time (if there is such a thing these days.
    Sadly during the week is going to be most likely, weekends are so busy these days,(also when the looneys come out) and I think maybe 4 days in total. 1 to get there, (comfortably) 2 to play, 1 to come home.

    Ideally 10 to 15 people, and to make things easier,I thinks ferries and hotels would be better booked as a group rather than individually.
    There may be some who would prefer to camp rather than use a hotel (obviously cheaper). but lets see what we have got first.

    I’ve thought long and hard about this and I think it best if we try to travel in a convoy of some discription, with regular stops, annoying for some I know but I can’t think of any other way to do it and retain the “together” concept of the trip.

    when I went the first time, I had very mixed feelings, I was excited to be doing something I had dreamed of for years and at the same time I continually felt out of my depth and I worried of doing the wrong thing or being out of my depth. Hopefully this is where the more experienced will be of great help. Just knowing the best places to watch, good resturants, garages, it all add to make a trip so much more enjoyable.
    (travelling in convoy takes the pressure of getting lost, believe me I know!)

    I’m trying to make thing easier for everyone without trying to interfere too much….immposible..I expect so…

    So, is this still a good idea?, Could I have some names please? and If anyone wants to help with the organizing, please step forward.
    BTW any advice appreciated.


    Audi Doody

    sorry should have put some £’s to the idea, so here goes.
    you work out from your home to Dover kent
    Travelling from Dover UK

    Ferry £20 return Norfolkline
    Fuel £100 there and back 500 miles @ 30mpg
    fuel driving around and track £50
    Hotel £150 (single) £240 (double) B&B
    Meals £120 lunch, diner, beer etc
    total £440

    laps of track are currently, single Eu20, 4 laps Eu75, 8 laps Eu145
    ferry and hotel will be paid upfront so at least its not all paid out in one go…ie £170 and the rest £270 is paid out over the 4 days

    these are my best guess plus a bit,
    if you want more info have a look here:




    Im liking the sound of this !
    You dont wana go from Hull tho as us folk from up North may get dry skin from the lack of rain [:)]

    Ps, is there a lap time in the snow ?

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