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    I was able to successfully log-in and reply to your test post.

    P.S. in regards to my 5 year Syncro project, we never had the Syncro here in USA so not only do I have to import every bit then I have to cut the body to conform



    ok that was just the test post, not the actual forums. There’s a link at the top to the forums… where you’ll find more posts :)


    The subdomain will remain as ‘test’?

    Also, please capitalize superman for me to Superman.
    NOTE: Superman is for the 1303 VW Superbug not that guy who can fly.



    Until it goes live it’ll stay on the test sub domain, yes. The idea is that we try it out and see whether we like it as a forum setup, and then I’ll figure out a way of migrating all the existing posts to that platform.

    Migrating posts is not a trivial task though so is not something I want to do more often than necessary. Also I feel like with any move like that there are bound to be some “casualties”, so Id want to do as few migrations as possible. one every 10 years or so I can handle ;)

    dunno whether I can amend usernames but will try



    User/display-name updated to “Superman” (with capital S) :)


    I can confirm that threads, users and data is lost during a conversion. I’ve only done it once, well when I went to IPS (Invision Power Board) the conversion was a paid service. Here is my board is you want to try the software:


    Does this current forum software have a way to send someone a private message?



    this forum does (click username/send email) and I think so does the new one, tho will need to check that I’ve got it enabled.


    That’s to send an email, if I’m correct, but I mean to sent private messages via this website (meaning it’s an interface that stays within this website, not going to emails).



    oh right, then no this forum doesn’t have that. and tbh i’m not convinced all the emails get through anyway due to the mail sending setup (not easy to change). The new site send mail through a provider with all sorts of bells and whistles to make sure emails get to where they need to get to.



    scrub that the provider is scrapping their free tier..have another solution in mind though, still working on some details though.


    If you want the best free forum, go with phpBB.



    the issue is about who handles email delivery rather than the forum setup, so unfortunately it would apply pretty much the same whichever forum setup we use.

    tbh I was never really a fan of phpbb. The way the “active topics” thing worked always seemed a little off to me though obvs just a personal preference.

    I actually quite like the new test forum setup as it is, I can read it and even post pictures from my phone/tablet on it and I have a bunch of other sites run on wordpress too so it’s familiar tech which generally works pretty well. It has active bot protection and in the whole time it’s been up and running we’ve only had a couple of spam registrations and (so far) not a single spam post, which seems like a decent start.

    It also lets us tag and search and whatnot and kinda just does what this one was always supposed to. I just need to figure out how to export from here to the new format. more wiring…just with numbers


    I am, or was, confused because when you said “scrub that” I thought you meant that Worldpress wasn’t going to work. Definitely go with something that will work on with a phone, most car people don’t go inside to use the computer anymore whilst working on the car.



    ah right , no it’s just the mail sending which won’t work as planned… but I have an alternative solution (I have to have one regardless, for work)

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 30 total)

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