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    Chris S

    Hi Derrik, Are you in Germany visiting, or do you live there permanently?
    either way you should have no problems sourcing Syncro parts, or are both good sources,
    and I usually have 2nd hand parts lying here.


    Ronal Syncro

    Mark from Gateshead

    Picked up a RHD 5 Door 1.8 GU syncro in blue……needs a little care – only interior and body work planned – just to keep it looking nice….tempted by an engine upgrade – but would rather buy one done or get a rally – neither of which i have the money for….



    hi all new to the site, recently got a rallye 1989 and last few months sorting out the various bits on getting sorted. have come across some of the probs mentioned on site. so far sorting out mechanics car is 1.9. replaced all but the end donuts and bearings on propshats. got repo prop in luton to sort out front prop after locator split causing prop not to drive in line. next is stripping all rust and painting. will add more soon’



    Hi guys, Darron from Birmingham, I’ve been on the site for a while but only just bought my first syncro as I’ve been searching for the right one.

    The car is a Lhd 3 door 1990 1.8 GT syncro in Lhasa green,
    With factory air con, heated seats, electric headlight adjusters, cat/converter & abs, it needs a little tlc
    but that wont be a problem :-)
    I will be using it as it is for a year or so before I do a bare metal strip down and rebuild, I’ve got a nicely tuned G60 with approx 300 bhp which has been waiting for this car so I can’t wait to get to it.



    that sounds like a gem! Ive only ever seen one lhasa green mk2 before


    Chris S

    I’m not sure, but I think LD50s Syncro is Lhassa green. will check



    Mine’s jade green actually (and black and red and red-oxide and primer grey)..never seen a lhasa green one as far as I’m aware.



    Apparently Lhasa green was only available in the UK on a MK2 as an optional extra for 8 months back in 1987, not sure on how accurate this is (found it on the net) I’d never seen a mk2 this colour before and I’ve been knocking around in vw land for years.



    Just realised I’ve never put a picture up.
    I’m sticking with the 1.8 Engine that was originally in it.

    When I first got it



    Hello! I’m new too. I’m in the USA so I have to build my car into a Syncro.



    Hi I’m Carey I’m from east London

    I’ve just purchased a 1989 5 door syncro it needs a bit of work, I’ll post some pics up soon

    I’m also building a 3 door 1984 syncro powered by 400bhp 20vt with 6 speed and Audi diff

Viewing 11 posts - 46 through 56 (of 56 total)

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