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    GTI Engineering was originally founded by Richard Lloyd in ’78. He was racing a Mk1 GTi and went on to win classes in the British Saloon Championship in ’77, ’78’ and ’79. These wins also attributed to the launch of this car in the UK. They developed and produced a range of sports conversions. In ’82 VAG appointed GTI Engineering Official Audi Volkswagen Conversion Specialists, which meant conversions could be undertaken without affecting the warranty. They became dealer #315.

    Standard GTI 8v RE2000 Conversion
    tuftrided EN 24 crankshaft with 94.5mm stroke
    machined cylinder block of 82mm bore
    lead-idium heavy duty cranshaft bearings
    lightened and balanced crankshaft
    alloy autothermic pistons
    gasflowed cylinder head with enlarged port diameters
    gasflowed inlet and exhaust manifolds
    42mm inlet valves (40mm on the carb head due to space limitations)
    35mm exhaust valve
    276 Schrick- (im still deciding between a 276 and 268 as mine had a standard cam fitted)
    uprated valve springs
    uprated oil pump
    windage tray and sometimes an Oettinger baffled sump
    modified distributor and injection system on the GTI
    Compression ratio 10:1
    Power 8v GTI
    152bhp @ 5500rpm
    158lbs/ft @ 5500rpm
    0-60 7secs
    0-100 20secs
    Max sped

    The first Syncro conversion was a LHD Syncro Gt 2 door 90bhp injection model, fitted with a Recaro interior and ABS. A more detailed review can be found in Volkswagen Audi Car magazine Aug ’88 or Car magazine May ’88. This was also the car featured in the later GTI Engineering brochure and was fitted with their Aero Tech body kit.
    I have contacted a former employee and they say that 4 conversions were carried out on Golf Syncros, but there is no further information of what spec they were. I only know of the above car an my RE2000 Syncro. Any more info is always appreciated and I would like to meet any others owners!

    My car

    It was converted by GTI Eng 10 days before the registration date. When I bought it, it had covered 100k and was almost standard apart from a set of multi-spoke alloys and 16v rear clusters. It was still running on the original re-jetted Pierburg 2E2 carb. It was in reasonable condition and was fitted with the Syncro CL Sports interior.
    It is keeping the original interior along with a few touches and a late GTI Eng steering wheel that came from a Rallye. I have also pinched the anti-roll bars, exhaust manifold and downpipe. The d/p with have to be modified to fit and Ill have a custom stainless exhaust system. I have fitted FK Konigsport suspension. Im awaiting a Powerflex bush kit, except for the trailing arm bushes. Im fitting a set of eccentric bushes instead. The front brakes have been uprated to 16v spec with a Goodridge brake lead set. The fuel system has also been upgraded with pump and filter/regulater. I am also waiting for a full Missinglinkz tramsmission set and MJ Interiors to do a couple of jobs. There is also a set of VDOs fitted. It was painted up at Volkskraft with a few subtle body mods. It will be a discreet Retro look and was to have the set of polished wheels that Im using on my daily driver at the mo. Look further on to see what it will be wearing now…



    The work has been carried out by MJ now and the linkage kit has arrived. I still have loads of bits in boxes, along with a Schrick sump. Im just waiting on people.



    theres been a bit of a change to the carb selection. If I fitted the single, it will involve a substantial [:0] modification to the bulkhead,


    so Im fitting a pair of 40 downdraft carbs instead. Should hear this start up very soon (at last)


    Chris S

    DCOE carbs are sidedraft not downdraft[;)]



    I know Chriss. These arent DCOE. All will be revealed when its all together and finished [;)]
    All the pictures and details will be posted on here first!

    If i was doing this from the start, then i would have gone for a crossflow, but I dont want to distract from the original engine as a carbed GTI Eng is a bloody rare engine in itself. You can fits DCOEs with 12-20mm trumpets provided you make a sufficient headshield to combat the exhaust heat. im getting the manifold ceramic coated and the downpipe wrapped. if you were fitting DCOEs it would also be a good idea to make some kind of airbox or ducting device as well.

    Repaired bulkhead now looks like this



    heres up up to date pic. It aint staying this low but I couldnt resist a pic



    it lives- but more of a cough than a roar at the mo. Theres some attention needed on the carbs and the fuel delivery needs correcting


    Chris S

    What carbs are you running? I think I would like to run a pair of Weber DCNF carbs on my 2.0L conversion



    Im using dcnfs as well.
    The car is now painted and awaiting a lengthy and labourious reconstruction. Pics to follow at some point soon


    Chris S

    Hurrah for Weber DCNF carbs, have you had yours set up yet? I will be running a very similar 2.0L setup so if you can email me the jet etc details it will save me a lot of(expensive)and duplicate work before the final fine tuning on a rolling road. chris
    Due to unforseen circumstances (my car caught fire) my never fitted Weber DCNF Carbs are now for sale.



    ill let u know as soon as i can find some $ for the rolling road.
    BTW pics are on

    **** I used to have a load of pics on Central Park website, but as my (now ex) friends appear to be arseholes, they have deleted the directory. Sorry


    Ive had a lapse in momentum after spending a lot of $$ lately and not making my planned debut date, but im sure ill pull my finger out soon



    fitting the glass this weekend, so it will be good to see how the chromlux glass works with the atlas grey



    Hi fella
    na, i just got the rear screen. I didnt think they made a 5 door set anyway. I did hear that there was a edition 1 g60 syncro rear screen without the spoiler holes. but dont know if this was a myth. Anyway, i still havent fitted the glass as im still being distracted by that scottish las and a new motorbike [:I]



    i got a back issue of Volksvagen Driver with the recentish article on the Golf Syncro. It was interesting to see that they mentioned the original LHD GTI Engineering Syncro, and then stated that the conversion was available for RHD, but as far as they know there werent any done.
    We know better dont we! [:D][;)]
    I had the car for over 5 years!



    well, ive moved and got a garage now, so i will be finallly pulling my finger out. Ill post pics as the long awaited progress gets going again.
    Final-ish ride height

    GTI Engineering steering wheel

    Syncro Sports Interior
    This is the only golf or jetta this interior is found in. It also comes in ythe older b2 passat and some mk2 polo coupes

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