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    Mido Mamdouh

    i need to know about VR6 Gearbox & Diff for golf mk3 Syncro what maximum HP it can Run ? ? ? ?


    Chris S

    Its not the power that kills the drive train but the torque, with a VR6 (lots of torque) I would suggest a maximum of 250/275 bhp

    While a lot will depend on you driving style, the more power you have the more likely & more often you will break things, but it should run at 250/275 bhp without breaking to many things to often.

    Don’t forget that any & every part of a VR6 drive train is now going to be between 20 & 25 years old, with lots of kilometers clocked up, have you thought about Haldex?


    Mido Mamdouh

    i would run 300-350 HP on 1.8T and i already thought about Haldex but i can’t get parts here in egypt maybe i can get diff only but no 02M gearbox and i think this will not fair becouse of ratio so i’m Thinking about how to run 300-350 on VR6 Diff & Gearbox

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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