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    I’m after the 4 rear beam mounts if anybody has them ? I’ts the two triangle mounts and the two lollipop mounts from the mk2 not the mk3.
    Required for a mk1 conversion.

    Thanks !


    mk1 Haldex

    Sent you a PM.

    Heres a couple pics of the fab’d up mounts i’m selling



    How cool. It’s funny as just today I was thinking about how these might be fabricated. Nice work.


    I thought the Mk2 and Mk3 mounts were the same?

    Chris S

    Mk 3 VR6 mounts are different than the mk2 they will bolt up to the Mk 2 bodyshell but the end bushes are thicker & wider.


    All Mk3 are VR6?

    Chris S

    No, there was a 4 cylinder version as well.


    Okay, interesting, is there anything I would want from an Mk3 instead of the Mk2 as far as my Syncro conversion goes?

    *thanks again so much for all of your knowledge*

    Chris S

    I dont know about Want from a golf 3, but you definitely dont want the rear triangle/hub carriers as they do not have the lugs for fitting the rear discs, only the Wide track Golf VR6 has them, The Passat VR6 also has the lugs but is not wide track.


    Chris, I have the rear from a Passat G60 Syncro, I believe they have they have mount holes for rear disc brakes.

    Chris S

    Yes they do!



    Originally posted by Jetta GTX 16V Syncro

    Chris, I have the rear from a Passat G60 Syncro, I believe they have they have mount holes for rear disc brakes.

    Please pardon the stutter, I guess I was excited.

    Yeah, from my research, the Passat G60 Syncro has the same brakes as the Rallye Golf. So, I’m happy about that for sure.


    Hi. Do you still have the brakets or now from were i can buy the rear axle parts for a syncro project ?? Thanks


    There’s a set on eBay at the moment if you’re still after them (not mine by the way) Pricey though!

    Chris S

    No sorry I don’t have any rear brackets.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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