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    Hi Guys,

    Last year I bought a Country and barely made it from seller due to a worn clutch.
    Either way I was very happy with the purchase and finally this winter I´ve had time to work on it.

    Have been following the Syncro gearbox removal guide made by Les posted by Chris S on this forum.

    I´m up to lowering the subframe and have met some issues. I´m struggling with with one of the sub frame bolts.
    Used a impact gun to losen on left side, no issues. Right side I broke my socket and bolt is now worn off…
    When I get it out one way or the other I neeed to order a new one…

    Starting to wonder if this bolt should have been removed at all. Also if this is a Country specific bolt as I cant find any info about a 20cm long subframe bolt for golf mk2.

    Attaching a few pictures to try to explain what bolt I´m talking about.

    Any feedback is greatly appreciated.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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