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this weekend.. new coolant tank (with sensor this time), a very tedious repair on 30-year old wiring for said sensor. still no idea whether it’s working but no temp still.

Also somewhat restoration of the clean grille I found. It’s not perfect but it’s looking reasonably tidy all things considered.

I think once the front half has had another coat of paint we should be about ready to turn her around and work on the back end. There’s a little filler needed on each flank where the new wheel arch meets the old and a little bit of other fillering/shaping needed but let’s see. Am not trying to go nuts.

Interestingly the last couple of times I’ve run it there hasn’t been any smoke from the manifold/downpipe…and if that trend continues then it might be enough to get thru an mot. Not sure I’d want to go racing on that downpipe but sometimes these things last longer than you’d think.

I’ve got a spare wideband o2 sensor from my bike which I’m going to put in place of the narrowband that’s there currently and that should give me some better feedback on what’s happenign fuelling wise. She pretty much starts up right away now which is also good. Confirmed the charging circuit is charging too.

On the grille you’ll notice there’s no zipties holding it on too 😉

(well I mean obviously there are but they’re hidden better 😉 )

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