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so I just meant to test out the paint on the wing and see whether it went on ok and it did! A can does about 2 coats on a door or wing panel and whilst the finish will never be amazing, it’s more or less the same colour and actually the finish is not bad considering.

It’s actually already been useful as having thigns the same colour means I spotted that some fo the seams don’t quite line up – i need to see if i can adjust the door hinge up or down everso slightly and/or see if there’s any wiggle room in the wing fitment. It’s not off by much but once it’s all the same colour it’s very noticable.

I’ve got enough paint to finish this side i think but there’s still loads to do. I’ve got plenty of matt lack 2k but so far I’ve been spraying on the drive so can’t really go bigger than cans.

I also put the alloys back on it. The rears are a bit cracked so will need replacing but the fronts are newer and still in good shape (yokohama s-drive). No need to worry abotu that till mot time though.

I have however also fixed my compressor so now have airtools again and as soon as I find my little air sander then this might get a bit easier.

I was sorta deluding myself that the’re’s only a couple of things to fix before it’s mot-ready but that’s still quite far from the truth, but I’m trying to not think abotu that too much and just do whatever’s next on the list. Atm I’m in reasonably stable employment (praise be!) so am tearing through my to-do list every chance I get but it’s a very long list.

I’ve also realised a bunch of stuff I’ve been doing re mapping motorbikes would also apply here. Atm i’ve got a narrowband O2 sensor in the syncro but I’ve actually got a spare wideband setup from the bike whcih i’m not using and could go in there and should help with getting the fuelling right (which it’s not atm).

Workshop development is still progressing too – I’m still hoping to get some sort of welding table or something set up so i can have the TIG set up permanently. I’v ebeen testing with leaving less expensive electrical stuff out in the workshop and as long as it’s covered from rain (plastic bag) thigns seem to do better than in the damp shed even… so that bodes well.

both main bikes are now up and running again and basically as “done” as they need to be (I crashed one last autumn hence the rebuild) which means I can focus time and funds on the syncro and scooter projects again \o/

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