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thanks. Yeah tbh I’ve not lost someone that close to me before and it hit me harder than I knew was possible.

Anyway on a lighter note…here’s the syncro as she stands now. Still on the “all terrain” wheels (vauxhall astra rims with mud and snow/winter tyres). I’ll probably be swapping them back to some nicer alloys soon.

Pic is from the cctv camera and I have a screen permanently showing that picture so now I always have a pic of the syncro visible when I’m in my office, which is a nice gentle reminder/encouragement to work on it.

At the moment the thing which is bugging me the most and is probably the easiest to fix is the red doors, so will probably look to get them matt black as first thing.

The downpipe fix will need some budget and the tig welder set up to sort so that won’t be right away, but I’m a good way through fencing off the car port to become a sort of workshop, and one of the motivators behind that that is to mean I can do stuff like get the tig welder out of our hallway and the gas bottle out of my office into some sort of more permanent setup outside so I can use it more easily.

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