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Progress… I managed to get some Rallye Calliper Carriers thanks to Chris of making me aware of them, and my german friend for sorting out! with that in mind, i am now unsure which sliders to use. i have the ones of an old gmk2 gti setup, and a pair from some g60 carriers which i had on the shelf (see pic). Both fit, but the g60 ones are slightly shorter and appear to slide better. the longer ones from the gti carriers appear to restrict the sliding. any ideas welcome.. i guess i will try them both as its easy to change them. Also just bought a few other buts and bobs including rallye handbrake cables and braded hoses. just off to VW now to see if i can some MK4 4-motion backing plates. Also i need carrier bolts. Any ideas if these are still used on anything that is still available?

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  • This reply was modified 3 years, 7 months ago by AndyF.

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