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Oh cool – that sounds useful. I really *ought* to already have whatever I need since it was a working syncro when I took it to bits and I haven’t thrown anything away so the switch should be attached to the loom or the box or whatever. I might even have two since I think I’ve got two of those boxes, but sounds like something to check and remedy if it’s awol or I can’t find it, which is also entirely possible.

I’ve been a bit run ragged with work recently so haven’t even had time to test whether my high temp rtv gasket thing worked yet, but I will make a note to check for the switch when I do. I’m well overdue some garage time.

In other news…big day, sorta. I’m going to freeze any further spending on the audi since it’s a bottomless pit of despair and instead just use the bike for now (winter yay!) and focus all efforts on the syncro. At this point I think it’s probably easier to get my rather ratty but essentially functional syncro to a level of reliable function than the silver money vortex.

audi owners be like...

so I think now it’s bike and syncro, or bust. It’s the car I want and the bike I want. I think this is vaguely where I need to be.

I’m just looking at the syncro on the cctv and am realising that it should be pretty much all the best qualities of all the mk2’s i’ve owned, wrapped up into one car, with one of the most fun engines vw ever made (imho). *Excite*.

If the exhaust issues persist, I wonder whether it might be possible to make a nicer, more reliably-mating downpipe with something like a 2-into-1 collector and a couple of tight bends. As a process it might be a bit more repeatable than my current downpipe and could perhaps use stuff like v-bands to allow some adjustment. I don’t know if anyone round here has a plasma table, water jet or similar, or whether an engineering place could make a copy of the gasket out of 6mm steel but I would imagine that would make a much better mating surface than what I have now which I think might be 4-5mm.

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