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it’s been a while since I posted any updates but I’ve been busy with work and the driveway’s been kinda full with cars and bikes so haven’t really had time to work on the syncro much recently. However I recently sold the polo so now have some driveway back and can hopefully resume working on the syncro.

After welding up the (w)underbar I guess either something warped a bit with the heat or I made some measurements off slightly since a couple of the front “prongs” don’t line up with the holes which secure it to the front bumper rail. They’re only out by a little bit (<5mm) but it all fitted so neatly before and I'd like to get back to that. I wondered if perhaps the car was twisted slightly (e.g. by being jacked up differently) but as far as I remember it was on ramps (looks to be in the previous pics) when I built it and it's on the same ramps now. The misalignment also isn't gradually off more to one side as I'd expect from the chassis twisting. It's the middle two prongs which are out of alignment. So I guess something got too hot during finish welding or I messed up a couple of the initial positions in the process.

Hopefully it shouldn't be a massive issue, with a bit of luck I just need to make a couple of cuts and get everything to line up nicely again and re-weld those joins, perhaps with it all in place so I can check the fitment.

I need to get some checkerplate for one of my scooter projects so hopefully I'll have some bits left to test plating the lower panels of the underbar. I recently built a slim-line skid-plate/sump-protector type thing for a very lowered mini cooper using checkerplate floor tiles and it came out surprisingly solid and has apparently been doing a great job, so I'm interested to see how well it might do here.

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