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ok so I just had a look at the disassembled transfer box and whilst you can remove the 3-pronged bit, it does look like the collar of that helps centre the shaft which exits the transfer box, so it may not be a good idea to do so.

That said it may be possible to duplicate the locating collar minus the 3-pronged flange with a bit of steel tubing appropriately turned on a lathe, which when bolted on might mean you could safely continue driving minus the 4wd. I might be able to help with that if needed as I have a small lathe as well as all the parts to take measurements and make a duplicate part.

Obviously I wouldn’t be able to recreate the splined section but if you’re not providing drive to the rear then that wouldn’t really matter. The replacement section also wouldn’t be the same type of steel (different hardness, mild vs engineering steel) so should probably be considered a somewhat temporary solution.

What I don’t have is the nut & any washers which might secure the 3-pronged flange so there may be a bit of guesswork there. The bits I have are the leftovers from a transfer box which was cannibalised by a garage which worked on my syncro a long time ago so it’s sorta “misc transfer box bits” :-\

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  • This reply was modified 6 years, 8 months ago by LD50.

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