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So at long last and after much life/work turbulence… I finally got the wunderbar properly welded up and given a quick lick of paint. It still needs a couple of little bits adding since the bit of tin which normally goes across the front “chin” and ties the wings together is no longer present so the wings will have to attach to something, but the bulk of it is done \o/

I also finally had the money to get some wheel spacers so that I could fit the mud+snow wheels I acquired – they were off a vauxhall astra though so the centre bore was a teeny bit smaller. Hub-centric wheel spacers + lathe = nicely fitting wheels 🙂

They seem to be a little bit bigger diameter which increases the round clearance somewhat..bonus 🙂

I’ve also got some high temp RTV/silicone so *hopefully* I can sort the leak in the downpipe/manifold join, so it might have a hope of getting thru an mot, and also ordered bits to sort the rear brake piston which I managed to mess up many years ago.

There’s still the weird electrical thing where the tail lights come on whenever the battery is attached, which I have no clue how to sort but I think that’s gonna be a case of unplug everything and re-plug it and hope it fixes it or helps identify the problem. I must have plugged something in wrong somewhere since there’s no actual “custom” cabling as such.

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  • This reply was modified 6 years, 6 months ago by LD50.

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