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Following on from the country bull bar conversation ( I’ve been experimenting with electrical conduit and actually managed to get some decent looking bends. I started mocking up one side just to see how it would look and then stumbled across a plan.

So as to remain legal I think I’m going to use the frame of the bumper as a base to work from and mount a centre section out of thicker pipe, then protection for each of the lights out of 25mm conduit. I was planning to do the “wraparound” bit like on the country bars using slice-and-weld since there’s no way I can produce bends that tight but as it turns out the bends I can make are almost exactly the same radius as the headlights and it looked like it would actually fit better without the wraparound bit, plus I guess it’s a little less drag too.

The bumper itself is a wee bit flimsy for my liking, especially as I would like to add a lower section too to protect the sump etc, but I’m thinking if the frame rails are the same distance apart at the front as they are at the back, I might be able to use the ‘girder’ part of another mk2 golf towbar minus the actual towbar bit and mount everything onto that, inside the metal part of the bumper. That should solidify things nicely at the front and provide a secure mounting for upper and lower sections of the bars too.

With this design the bars will not protrude further forward than the actual bumper and there’s no sharp bits whatsoever, plus the “wings”, whilst providing pretection from shrubbery and stuff offroad would collapse back in case of a collision (e.g. with pedestrian or bike), likely even providing a softer & rounder impact than if one were just hitting the bumper/wing.

I *love* how the central section looks too, and that should be continued down below the bumper, turning into a plate/section which flushly mounts up to the front of the subframe…protecting the sump, pas pump etc from kerbs, rocks etc when venturing off the tarmac.

Re the pics – some imagination needed to see how it’ll all fit together but all looks surprisingly doable, and as long as the fit is nice and tight, using my new tig welder should mean I can do subtle, neat welds.

Does anyone happen to know if the frame rails are the same spacing on the front as the rear? I’d rather not have to take the rear bumper off again just to check.

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