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Morten here from Norway. I have 2 Mk3 Golf Syncros that I am currently breaking. I am taking both drivetrains with me to the U.S. this winter when I move back there. I am also breaking 3 Golf Mk3 Citystromers. These are super rare battery powered Golfs. The plan, once in the States, is to get at least one Mk3 Cabrio and convert it to an all Electric Cabrio Syncro. Since it would be difficult to add a/c, I think a Cabrio might be a good solution. I would prefer to just ship the cars over, but since the are Euro versions, they can’t be registered in the U.S. The last picture shows 2% of all mk3 Citystromers ever made. (about 200 were made between 1995-1998) 3 of them are mine, the 4th belongs to my brother.

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