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    Hello from across the pond. My name is Frank and I have a MK3 syncro golf I recently purchased from an importer. Complete without an engine! I cant wait to get the swap completed, I have some basic plans (8V) then maybe after getting some other projects completed I can have some fun[:p]

    peace to all Frank AKA GreenGoblin


    Chris S

    It wasnt this one from was it?

    This is a 1997, 2 door, non sunroof Golf 3 syncro (4cylinder car)- very rare combo. All it needs is any 4 cylinder VW/Audi engine dropped in it and it’s ready to drive. You can also buy a VR bellhousing for $600 and drop any VR6 in it. This is the VERY BEST way to buy a complete Syncro system! And of course, the rest of the car features all Euro components like bumpers, hatch, fenders, etc. This is a gold mine of Euro goodies…
    NOTE- this is a European Car imported as a parts chassis. There is no paperwork to register it for street use and if you’d like to do so, you will need to handle that yourself



    Sure was, Ed @ ecodeparts delievered it after nobody wanted it.[:p] come on No Power Door,No sunroof, No AC.. Its going to be a blast to drive.. Is there any tech Manuals available in English?



    hi all
    been having fun with my syncros for 2 years now [:D]
    playing with syncro doka and caravelle.



    Hi new member from somerset just bought 98 passat syncro 80000 miles great car although a little more thirsty that tdi golf second car,have already found problems getting parts so will no doubt be using and reporting back via your site in future.



    Hi all!

    I’m Paul from Notts and I drive an ’85 VW Transporter Syncro Crewcab.

    Thomas (aka DiamondHell) is one of my prior contacts and he knows of my ‘barsteward’ Syncro which began life as a 2WD 3 door and is now 4WD with 4 doors.

    As it was

    It had the rust sorted earlier this year and various modifications. I’m now building up the bits to do an Audi 2.3 conversion.

    As it is now

    I’ll be fitting new wheels and tyres, nudgebar and rocksliders, a new NATO load cover and loads of other bits too – ready for next year (camping, VW shows and some offroad fun).

    We are also looking to get a Mk2 Golf Syncro for the winter so the missus doesn’t have to drive her Beetle cabriolet.



    hi, i’m on my second syncro, did an 8v gti conversion last year, got a g60 engine waiting to be slotted in sometime soon. car’s running well, except my four wheel drive has just become two wheel drive… any ideas?



    im from prudhoe in northumberland and im just about to start converting my mk3 vr into a syncro with a crash damaged vr syncro so im gona have lots of questions for all you guys n gals that know syncros inside out



    blimey no small job then! looks like you’ll fit right in :)




    Hi, Jim from Finland. We have a Golf Country, and alltough it seems very reliable I still need some technical reference on the Syncro every now and then. Istumbled into this and since some info needed registration… here I am.



    Hi there, Herman from South Africa here.

    Gonna pick up my “new” Syncro next week, a 1989 T3 Syncro 14″.
    160k on the clock and in good nic.

    Hope I can learn from you guys and maybe be able to contribute aswell.




    Hi, i just recently bought my golf mk2 5 door 1.8 syncro.

    i saw the advert on this site – and bought it a while ago. i had been looking around for months to find the right one and grabbed it as soon as it came!

    its in pretty good condition, and the color is just what i wanted…black. after saving enough cash, i plan to upgrade quite a few things and keep it long term! gonna try and make it as much as possible like the one on this link (which im sure many of you know about)….obviously it’ll take me much much longer, and probably be no where close!

    my role model! —>



    Hi there, This is the first time i’ve ever posted on a forum so I apologise for any mistakes now! I bought my 96 T4 syncro transporter(loadsa miles!)in July. Despite the mileage it goes v.well. I had to use the Dashbord Diff lock button last week to pull a van off a field and only the green light above the rear diff came on. Is this normal or should the other two lights have lit up at the same time? I understand this has a ferguson 4wd system, is that right and can anybody supply a manual?(Have done a lot of looking and asking so far) but no one can help!



    86 Syncro


    Derrik here, from Kaiserslautern Germany.

    Just picked up a 1986 Golf Syncro 5-door.

    Always wanted a syncro, regardless of what form it came in. I happened to stumble upon this one in the American Junkyard in Ramstein, picked it up for $350. :)

    I’m not new to VW’s, this is #6 for us, ranging from MKI to MKIII

    Very happy with it so far. (passed inspection straight out of the JY…) I’m just a little concerned about how difficult/expensive it will be to source parts.

    I also have many questions about this car that I haven’t found in the forums…

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