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    Hi, Im Jonas From sweden!
    Im here cous i want to know alot more about the syncro.

    I got a Golf 2 CL Syncro – 1987 And i love it! [:I]


    hello there, im danny, just bought a golf syncro 1.8 tornado red off ebay last week, its been left standard apart from a weber 32/34 conversion and rallye rear sorings, i plan to uprate everything over the next few years as i can see this being my car for many years to come, handles great done about 140,000 miles but has a full service history and a folder as thick as the yellow pages of parts etc that its had. cost me £450 but so far worth every penny, one of the previous owners apparently had some work done at dubsport however it doesnt look like its had anything done that i couldnt do myself so i doubt that dubsport have had their hands on it. my first step in to read up what everyone else is doing then start the project, cheers



    Hello all.

    I’m Jason and i’m a noob so please break me in gently. I have a Corrado, formally a 16v’er but will be getting the 20v turbo treatment and Haldex 4wd.
    I’m in the Cambridge area and fully willing to lend a hand if/when anyone needs (to the depth of my abilities anyway).


    Pat Dolan

    Greetings all (Happy New Year). I’m the New Years’ baby on this site, I guess.

    I live in Western Canada (SK) and have, amongst many other VWAG stuff, a 1991 Country 4dr. These were never sold here, but since we can bring in anything over 15 years of age, we have a few that have been imported. I have wanted a Syncro for a while, but exactly one year ago, there were three for sale: a really nice TDI powered country with G60 or VR6 drivetrain (I think Haldex as well) up North, a Rallye on the East Coast and this Country on the West Coast. Since I have too many things that get me into trouble on the street now, I decided to go with the gasser Country as it was the slowest of the lot. This one came directly from Deutschland, and has a tiny bit of rust, but mostly very good and unmolested original (even most of the paint).

    Of course, being a diesel nut, this thing will go 1.6 TD – partly to slow it down some more, partly because I just like diesels (and a TDI will tear the 020 to shreds). I am also building a T25 Westfalia Syncro for my best bud with a 2.5 TDI going in.

    The Country is so far dead stock – and as of last month, dead too. Something packed up in one of the diffs, I think, no time to look at it for a few months. I run studded snow tires on the original Speedlines (195-65-15) and 195-75-14 Baja something-or-another (no longer made) on forged Castelets for summer. I will become a right PITA when I dig into the Country, if I don’t wear everyone else out with questions for the T15 (yes, I am also on club 80-90).



    Hello all, my name’s Paul and I currently live in Wakefield in the UK. I have a recently broken Rallye so I’m trying to source a part.



    Hi, Great website, just what I needed. Thank you.

    I’m Simon, I’ve just bought a Golf Country after wanting one for years.

    It needs a few small jobs doing but this site has helped a lot.

    I may have some questions about fitting larger tyres but I’ll finish searching old posts first.




    Hi all

    Ive have just bought a 1989 rh drive 5 door golf syncro. Seems to be in all original condition but has been off the road so quite a while. Def needing some tlc. I have put it in for mot and has failed on some welding and other minor issues. I have already upgraded the brake to 16v from some spare hubs I had laying around. The syncro dont seem to be working but have been reading through all your posts so will start testing things later.

    My plan is to firstly get it on the road and use it while I fin tidying up my 16v and to find any issues the syncro has and hatch a plan for the syncro. The main issue I have for the mot is that I need 1 rear shock absorber.

    Can anyone point me in the direction of a supplier of a standard item at sensible price? Im beginning to realise that this may not be possible!! Failing that anyone got a servicable s/h one that will get me on the road for short time?

    I must say good job on the site guys, so much info on here has been very useful and inspiring.




    Hey all! I’m Mark, from Bristol, and as you’ll have guessed, I’m new to the forum. I currently own a ’69 Beetle, a ’90 Corrado, and a ’00 Passat. Although I don’t actually have a syncro as such, I’ve been gathering the parts needed to turn my Corrado into one. A mixture of Golf Syncro and S3 running gear is what I shall be using! I look forward to draining information and advice from you all! Haha!



    Hey everyone. Im Bill building a BAM powered Rallye got all the bits together just need to get going with it! also a have a 45k 87 rhd mk2 g60, forum looks great might have to have a rethink about haldex!



    hi my name is ste live in wolverhampton got a couple of syncro b5 passats and plenty of spares, one manual and one auto/tiptronic, the auto one is black magic pearl, full leathers etc 197bhp standard, got a few later bits on mirrors with indicaters in, jetex induction kit,brake upgrade etc. that ones got a bit of roof damage was going to do it but now breaking. the other one is blue havn’t had chance to do anything to that yet as only just bought it.



    Hi everyone
    I’m Garo and i have 1989 Golf rallye with 1.8t conversion, pushing 340bhp
    Fitting new bonnet and getting the sills painted.
    Would like to get electric windows and mirrors fitted.



    hey guys im dean i currently have a mk2 with a vr lump but i am on the hunt for a standard mk2 syncro nice site




    Hi I’m Paul… just picked up a syncro project!! it’s an 89 with a mk2 valver lump in it!!

    she needs a fair bit of work, but i’m well up for it :)



    Hey hows it going on the other side of the pond. I am in the process of importing a 1989 Rallye to the states, It has been long road but will worth it, one of the few “legal” imports to the states, I am always looking for info on avalebility of pars, especialy from people that dont have a problem shiping to the states…lol



    Hi, I’m Tim, I had a 1990 G2 syncro in 2004/5 as a run around. I’ve currently got a MK 2 GTi re2000, MK2 GTD, MK3 GTi, 1998 6n 16v polo and an Audi S4.

    I’m looking to reshell my GTD in to a G2 syncro along with some other projects :)

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