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    hi ive got a h reg (1990) syncro, i have a 8v gti cam knocking about from a pb engine, can i fit this in the syncro and will it be worth it, thanks in advance for any help


    Chris S

    If you fit the 8v GTI head (it has bigger inlet valves) as well as the cam, it will give a worthwhile increase to 100/105 bhp ish, what the cam on its own will do I dont know, but obviously not as much on its own.



    as you say prob not much of an increase but worth a go as its just sitting doing nothing just wanted to check if it would fit really, nothing ventured nothing gained and all that, ill try it next weekend


    no such user

    it won’t do any harm you may gaina few ps. bumpy cams are a no no in syncros ( rhd ones with stock exhaust anyway ) anything over 270 starts been a problem. biggest gain is to be had from webber and gti head with a shaved hedgehog. set up right that give’s upto 125 ponies on the 2wd GTI exhaust system or about 110 with a syncro exhaust



    if i was to put a gti head on would i be looking for a pb one? and would i need to block the injectors?


    Chris S

    Either PB, PF or RV they are all the same head & cam, Dannyp reckoned you can block the injector holes with a british penny, Got to be good value that one, job done for fourpence.

    TC (diamond hell on here) has a carburettor Syncro with a GTI head & cam and a Weber 32/34 conversion, and he reckons it feels like it has 105 or so bhp instead of the standard 90bhp


    chris s I am thinking of doing the 8v GTI upgrade like you suggested so I am trying to track down a PF, PB or RV head.
    Can you tell me are these heads adjustable tappets on shims or are they hydraulic?
    Other than the injectors what other modifications need to be made to get the manifolds etc to fit or will they just bolt straight on?
    And finally what should I be looking out for when buying the head? thanks for any help.


    Chris S

    The Tappets are Hydraulic,
    The manifolds, water cooling flanges & everything else will bolt straight on
    Make sure there are no cracks in the head between the inlet & exhaust valves, also inspect the front & side cooling water flanges for condition(leaks etc)before you buy as the flange mounting bolts have a habit of seizing in and breaking off flush with the head when you try & remove them



    I’ve got a random 8v head in my shed in pretty good condition as far as I recall too – it’s either off a PB or a GX – how would I tell?


    Chris S

    Measure the inlet valve.

    On the GU/GX or any non GTI it is 38mm diameter,
    and on the PB and also all other 8V GT & GTI heads including the G60 heads they are 40mm diameter.

    While all the exhaust valves are the same size at 33.5mm, the stem on the G60 exhaust valve is .25mm shorter and it is also sodium (natrium) filled for greater heat dissipation.


    hey can someone help i have tracked down a head from a gti 8v will any head fix of does it have to be a pb etc. it has these numbers on it. 45
    026103 373 H
    does this mean anything i dont want to buy it and find out its the wrong head.


    Chris S

    Its a casting number & is for our purposes meaningless, the actual part nr for the bare GTI head is 037 103 265 X or with the valves & cam its p/n 037 103 265 X.

    To confirm you have a GTI head just measure the diameter of the inlet valve as
    On the GU or GX or any non GTI it is 38mm diameter,
    and on the PB and also all other 8V GT & GTI heads including the G60 heads they are 40mm diameter


    hey there what performance cams are there for the gu engine does any one no will a normal 8v gti performance cam fit because i was toying with the idea of keeping my head and geting a fast road cam or something like that?


    Chris S

    A 268/270 Degree cam is your best bet for fast road use, Techtonics do a very nice one for not much money, we had a group buy on them about 2 or 3 years ago.


    Chris S
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