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    Chris S

    We are going to set it up on Saturday morning before we go to the racetrack.

    As we did, Short video here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T7LfXkOVOYg [;)]

    As you can see the conditions were not all that good with a damp track, it was actually raining when we arrived there [:(]


    no such user

    A few more photos are now at:


    The car drives well, but there’s something odd going on with the offside front wheel – Danny and I were suspicious it might have been the vibration damper on the offside driveshaft, but after setting it’s positioning with a ziptie there’s still what can only be described as an intermittant farting noise – Time to swap out the hub for one of the spares lying around….

    Due to slight innaccuracies in the scheduled timing procedure and then a failure in the timing equipment the engine was only timed by Danny’s ear…… but according to the laps around Combe that’s a pretty good ear.

    More as things progress around the new project, which was installed on Friday night…..



    Good to hear it’s up and running!!


    no such user

    After a technically successful sortie to the Nordschleife I thought it made sense to find out what I was playing with, so the Golf headed up to Interpro in Thornbury, for a power run:


    Diagnosis by the operator = crap map. The Digifant map simply can’t keep up with the crossflow’s breathing.

    Only one way around that (in my mind). Time for independent throttlebodies and Megasquirt:

    Got these


    Just taken delivery of a box of electronic components that will be built into an ECU shortly.

    I also have to purchase a custom stub inlet manifold

    In the interim I’ve got an MOT to get through, then the next ‘ring trip 12-16th September.

    The ITBs and MS won’t be happening until this winter.



    It’s always nice to get some thanks about helping out people who quickly need software for their project.

    We’d tried to help out as much as possible, but i guess that was not sufficient for this project.

    Normally when a dynoplot is posted, the dyno-place and the owner’s car’s plate are stated.. non whatsoever on this plot. Very strange.

    Digifant 1 and 2 are more than capable of handling the hardware which is inside most cars. If some don’t agree, then write to volkswagen and say you can do better with a stand-alone management, concerning all aspects the ecu handles.

    A proper on-the-car-adjustment will do magic. And don’t forget, 8v and 16v engines don’t really like to rev over 7000rpm for max performance. This is exactly where you want to be with a golf syncro. Low revs and high torque.

    Due to some other factors with the project (f.e. time) the outcome was not mindblowing, but still satisfying if we read other posts on other websites, by the owner of this specific car.

    Expecting 150-160bhp out of the box of a trial and error project isn’t fair to expect, crankpower is indeed in that figure in.
    This will come in time, if the software is adjusted to the engine. The power is indeed available, only a real-time-eprom-emulator+rolling road will get it to the expected power figure. Even on digifant 2.

    This is the only way of configuring these kinds of engine-projects. As you where quite HASTY to get things sorted before the trackdays, I’d quickly selected a SAFE chip, which did magic to a 1.9 cabriolet over here with g60 green injectors. So don’t write-off the hardware instantly, as it’s still very useable. It’s all software where the problems lay…

    Even with Megasquirt you’ll be adjusting it for a while, as no base-map that is already 90% is there to start with. Don’t think you’ll be at 100% performance within 2 days of adjustment on the road.

    Remember, vw-motorsport got their rallyegolf on digi-1 to 300bhp..
    Quite a astonishing level of power. Digi-2 is a little brother of that first development. So when everything is mastered, and time was not such an issue, then a better performing engine was there.

    If you ask a professional chiptuner to write software for your car, like Steve of Pitstop development, or JD out of holland, I don’t think this story was here.

    They can dial in digi 1 and digi 2, only the’re quite busy guys… so an appointment within a few weeks is an issue ;)

    I’d like to see the results from that engine on throttlebodies and megasquirt… tb’s don’t unleash that much more bhp’s. Mostly it’s all abouth timing. Fuel and ignition. Add info abouth the rolling road facility also, plus some pictures. That would be nice….

    And remember, a 1050+ kg. car needs torque from low down.. This is where 8v’s stand out against 16v’s (abf-standard-cams do not really get it better going than 8v mild cams low down). If there was a compressor on it, it would be even more interesting. then a awesome powerpackage is there. New problems will then be encountered… The drivetrain…

    Volkswagen motorsport also used a 8v engine in their werks-rallyegolfs (also syncro, but with BEEFY diffs and titanium centershafts) and they had no problem with low-down and mid-range torque.



    no such user

    if it’s all about low down torqe we would be fitting TD lumps, altho digifant 2 may be more than capable of runnin the engine, buying the required kit to set it up would be rather expensive as it’s all but obsolete now, megasquirt is also more than capable of running said engine and dose not require emulators just rellativly low speck laptop. also there are a number of tuners now that will happily work with megasquirt but who don’t want to know about digi.

    as far as torqe goes titanium shafts and massive diffs would be apreciated but if i had the money to desing and build said items i’d just buy a works prepped rallye car and have other people fix it when it’s broken. torqe in the low revs is all good but nice to have some power in uper rpm.



    interesting read but i think pascal has been jumped on here a little too much. There is no argument against basic physics and torque is necessary to provide the rotational forces to move all off the metal in the syncro system. No doubting the abf has what is necessary. Each to their own aint it and its good to know what else works.

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