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    Chris S

    Wot no photo of your new (rather dashing i’m sure) suntan!

    Just think, non Syncro owners have to got to spend all that time & money going to Spain or somewhere else warm & then lie on a beach for hours on end to get a suntan in January, while you only have to go as far as your garage, think of the savings you are making by not going to Spain, which of course gives you more of both time & money to spend on your beloved Syncro! some people are just lucky I guess.


    no such user

    Done a bit more this evening. Y-pipe now finished and I’ve fitted the system up.


    The good news is that with the system hooked up complete it can’t move nearly as much as just with the downpipe on (no surprise, really).

    I’ll need to take it off to weld a heat shield on – I’m going to use the one off the Passat catalyser (handy) – it just needs beating flat and tagging on.

    Next up is sorting out this bloody hole. I cut the first section of plate to go over the vertical firewall and cleaned up the place where it will go. The plate needs the bottom part cut to suit, then I think it’ll be two folded pieces to fit down around the sides, with the rest cut and shaped to suit. Looks like I’m going to be spending some more quality time with the hot air gun to get the soundproofing stuff on – it’s tar-like, but thankfully peels off nice and easily (ish) with a bit of heat.


    no such user

    Lots (comparatively) done this evening – photos here: http://diamondhell.com/component/option,com_rsgallery2/Itemid,29/page,inline/catid,22/id,692/limit,1/limitstart,0/

    More explanation and discussion tomorrow [:)]


    Chris S

    btw Your Passat throttle body should fit on the manifold as they both have the same gasket listed p/n 028 129 748



    nice work on the hole cutout – the reinforcement looks nice and sturdy. :)


    no such user

    Yes – maybe overkill….. better that than a flexible shell though!

    Lots more done this evening – the hole has now been filled.

    Pictures here: http://diamondhell.com/component/option,com_rsgallery2/Itemid,29/page,inline/id,705/catid,24/limitstart,0/

    I’ll label them and re-order them when I get a mo, but I’m a bit knackered about now!



    fair play m8 – looks really solid :)


    no such user

    More stuff done last night.

    Pics at: http://diamondhell.com/component/option,com_rsgallery2/Itemid,29/page,inline/id,745/catid,25/limitstart,0/

    I’ve plated up the LHD steering column holes, as I won’t be needing these and the large plastic gommet was shot away

    The session last night pulled up some concerns. The hole in the inlet manifold that I thought was for the fifth injector appears to be (according to ETKA) for an exhaust gas recirculation valve. This could seriously torpedo my idea of running the 2E management on this engine.

    The 2E throttle butterfly does fit, but I’m not sure what arrangement I’m going to need to get the throttle cable to work, as the housing is fitted upsidedown in comparison to the 2E.

    It’s always the way that the steelwork turns out to be the easy bit……


    no such user

    Whoah, quite a ride of thought and analysis with Chris over this. The fifth injector is only fitted to the 2E Siemens management, so it’s not surprising to find there is no bloody fifth injector fitting point on the ABA manifold.

    It’s rather irksome, but here’s the current situation – I have the 2E throttle body fitted to the ABA manifold. I need to use the ABA fuel rail, fitted with the G2 Bosch injectors (either GTI or G60 – G60 in my case). Because we’re using the G60 injectors on a lower power motor than they’re strictly designed for we need to run a lambda, to let the management tweak back the injectors, to optimise the fueling……


    Because G2s in the UK didn’t really show with cats (and lambdas) as it took a little while for that unleaded fuel to catch on over here, there’s something of a dearth of G2 Bosch digifant looms with a lambda fitted just lying around here in the UK. Because the continentals were there a lot earlier Chris says he has such a loom in the shed (hurrah!).

    Now, the next things that are going to fly up in front of me like rakes as I stagger through the long grass in the engine conversion field are probably the incompatability of the 2E throttle connections with the sodding Bosch loom and management. Having had a shuftie at the 2E connections it looks to have a throttle position potentiometer, which I haven’t seen on the PB throttle housing.

    So, two steps forward, one step back and fall down on your ass. Still it’s progress, isn’t it?


    Chris S

    There is no 1 step back its all positive.

    A lambda does not always mean a cat, anything before 1993 can legally run on the road without a cat (well over here in Holland anyway) all a lambda sonde does is act as a final control over the fuel system to ensure that the mixture is within acceptable levels, I.E as near to the optimum fuel air ratio as possible.

    p.s. Modern high compression ratio engines will not stand pinking so the air fuel ratio HAS to be at or very near the optimum ratio, and with a tuning chip to slightly richen the mixture this can only be improved .



    Hi Tc,

    Me and chris will sort out the enginemanagement/software for you.
    No probs. I think that fifth injector is a bit strange. On all other
    2L cars, there aren’t any of those… Etka doesnt state them…
    It reminds me of the older Ke-Jetronic stuff. It sounds silly to
    me to have a fifth injector. A proper setted-up map (software)
    will cope with the new engine-parameters. A lambda-sensor will
    meter the quality of the mixture and within specific borders will
    adapt it to optimum. No lambda = limp home mode = overfuelling =
    cracked cyl.heads because of carbon-built-up. When turbocharging it, it will become worse… And a add-on A/F meter will also give some good direct info on the way your engine is behaving (over/underfuelling)

    If you have any tech-questions, just mail me or chris. We’ll be there
    to give some support.





    And another tip :

    Ceramic tape on your downpipes, will seriously reduce the temps under the hood + protect the bodyshell/cutout(painjob) from burning/getting too hot. Plus the better heat-travel of the exhaust-fumes.

    Btw : nice work on the cut-out ! This will give all the space needed
    to unleash some extra ponies via the double downpipe….

    I’m following all the work on your site and on the syncro-site…
    Love it. Keep up the good work + pictures.



    no such user

    Cheers guys – it’s nice to know I have an international team behind me on this project!

    Pascal – nice to hear from you – Chris has made you near-legendary before you’ve even posted a thing on here. Don’t worry – I’ve been planning to wrap the manifold and downpipe all the way – it’s far too close to the steering column not to. I’ll be wrapping the column shroud to protect it further too.

    I instantly thought of K-Jet as soon as I saw the fifth injector, too. I have a pick-up here that runs it, so I’m familiar with the cold-start circuits etc etc.

    Has Chris mentioned that I’ve come up with a couple of May dates for a Nordschleife trip? This gives me a point when I absolutely have to make sure the Golf is 100% – I’m hoping that there will be at least one track session before that too.



    Looking good! Keep the updates coming!!


    no such user

    Cheers, Jason – I intend to – I’m trying to keep focused. I’m trying not to let other things I *could* do to the car while the engine and ‘box are out get in my way!

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