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    The car is completely naked now and looking a bit rough round the edges, Im having trouble getting hold of new floor pans to replace my holey mess, so it look like some patching may be the way forward.

    Up on axel stands



    Chris S

    I have contacted my local VW dealer and I just got this back from him

    191 803 205C floorpan € 240,-
    191 803 206A floorpan € 240,-
    191 803 225 siderail € 22,-
    191 803 206 siderail € 22,-

    Both left & right hand side floor pans are available & the prices are the cost in euros at the dealers without onward shipping to your adress

    email with your landline phone nr if you need them




    Originally posted by VR6SyncroMark2


    Originally posted by Trev16v

    I’ve got a set of VR6 Syncro parts coming my way soon. Was going to use them to build my own 3-door Syncro but I probably won’t now, since I’ve bought a factory one…

    Thanks for the words of encouragement.

    What sort of condition is your Syncro in?

    Got any photos.


    Mine is here:



    hi – moved this to the members cars deu to the photos etc… [;)]



    hi – moved this to the members cars due to the photos etc… [;)]


    After some gentle persuasion which involved the use of blow torch we managed to get the clutch plate off of the VR6 and get the engine on to the engine stand.


    Started to clean the engine up and have also purchased a VR6 book so have a bit more of an idea of how the monster works.

    We have also started to clean up the body panels that we have. (still on the look out for a drivers side front wing if any one has one going cheap? – colour doesnt matter).




    re wings.. I think they’re about £20 new from Avenue Panels (midlands) – actually fit ok too

    Avenue panels: +441933313945

    hope that helps :)


    Rust in all the usual places have cleaned up the rear arches and cut out a couple of other really bad patches.


    This had to go, (weird that the rest of the engine bay looks like new)


    Cleaned up (just needs a plate welding in)


    Whats the best thing to do with rusty sills (drivers side is pretty bad)?

    Thanks Rob



    arg don’t get me started on sills… sills and bloody engine bays is all i ever seem to get to weld/paint!

    If it’s a small damaged bit repairing it might be in order but doing a couple of smaller repairs can be as much work as fitting a whole new outer sill. Looks like another call to avenue panels for a sill (£25 ish) ;) I repaired the one side of the syncro, am replacing the other side completely (after seeing how much work repairing was) and have just repaired the gti sill for the MOT… drop me a mail if you want to talk sills and bays in detail: [email protected].

    There’s an ace book you might want to get hold of called “How to restore classic car bodywork” –

    It’s *well* worth a read – they focus on triumphs and MGs mostly so a VW should be a walk in the park compared to those rustbuckets ;) There’s some photos of my sill repairs which might be of use here:

    hope that helps :)



    Cheers ld50 are you by any chance a sales person at avenue panels?




    lol no but I ought to be an affiliate or something though actually!



    Originally posted by ld50

    lol no but I ought to be an affiliate or something though actually!

    Yer maybe they will give you a free T-shirt or Mug?

    Ive just been offered an imaculate Mark 2 Golf Driver for £250 so im considering buying it as a donor for body panels etc and selling off whats left.

    Only problems is I dont really have the room, am I the only person that finds them self wishing they had more room to store parts and cars???


    Chris S

    Quote/ Am I the only person that finds them self wishing they had more room to store parts and cars???

    I wish [:(]
    Once you own a Syncro there is never enough room, every yes every syncro owner that I have ever met has had greatest difficulty trying to walk round in their garage/shed without falling over some VW or Syncro related part or other, in some extreem cases its difficult to close the door without moving something out of the way [:D]



    not really feeling the driver idea –

    small portable generator and an angle grinder/elec saw and you should be able to get all the bits you need at the scrappy without having a car’s skeleton to dispose of after. Just a thought ;)


    Hmmm im struggling with the arta parts web site page 12 only has rear lights on and I can only read english.
    What were the prices like?

    Im still considering buying the Mark2 driver and selling it on hopefully for a small profit (maybe to fund some rallye running gear).

    I think I can get the Driver for £200 and its worth about £400 (just this nagging feeling in the back of my mind saying that these things never work out the way that you think they will).


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