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    Chris S

    Yes the are exactly the same part and so are interchangable.


    Chris S

    Have a look here for cams, maybe we can do another group buy?


    no such user

    I could probably go for that.



    I might be interested in a group buy as well, just have to decide what heads going on the Jetta :D


    Chris S

    Well you have 2 choices, solid or hydraulic lifter heads, of the 2 I would use the hydraulic head, as among other things the solid lifter head has no real advantage until over 5500 revs and the cam clearance adjusting shims are no longer available from VW.

    I think the only source for them might be to find a Golf 1 at your local scrappy and remove them from this, if the scrapman will let you as the motor will then be virtually worthless.

    For road use with the hydraulic head I would suggest the 268° cam part nr 109 071 at $130.00.
    For road use with the solid lifter head 272° cam part nr 109 272 at $225.00

    For a track car with either head you wouldnt want to go more than the 276° version while using a Syncro 020 (rod change) gearbox, and maybe not even with an 02C box either,

    The more degrees a cam is quoted at means the higher up the powerband the (increased) power lies, while at the lower end of the rev scale its rubbish and lumpy and usually produces less power than a standard cam, up to say about 4000 revs when it all comes in with a bang,

    This reduces drivability and isn’t all that compatable with the Syncro system either from the mechanical or grip points of view,

    The Syncro System excels at putting smooth power down on the road or track from very low revs without any fuss or drama (wheelspin) thats just where a 2wd car would be scrabbling for grip and breaking away, power at low revs is ideally suited to a 4WD system and this is the big advantage of the Syncro, and the more that the road/track conditions worsen the greater the advantage gets, to my way of thinking it makes sense to have extra power available low down where you can make maximum use of it, and accept a small reduction in the max power at 6000 rpm.

Viewing 5 posts - 46 through 50 (of 50 total)

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