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    Balls – found the next issue-ette.

    The mounting bracket to secure the angle-drive to the back of the block on the cable-change gearbox is substantially different to the rod-change gearbox. I don’t know whether the 2.0 block is any different to the PG motor bolt holes. I’m thinking the key issue is that there are two bolt heads that poke out of the angle-drive, which the mounting plate sits on, when it shouldn’t.


    Chris S

    I have a spare 02C transfer box bracket here, shall I get it in the post to you?
    btw there is no way that the 020 one will fit


    no such user


    there is no way that the 020 one will fit

    Well, there IS, but it’ll involve a lot of cutting and welding!

    Yes, please do ship that bracket with the next lot of bits!


    no such user

    Another night, another session. Mounted the underfloor pressure pump and the in-tank lift pump tonight, with the pipes and pump provided by Mr S. It all went rather well, which was nice.

    The bitch part of this was the stupid pipe clip on the vertical part of the bodyshell – in about a 1-2cm space between tank and bodyshell. Anyway – I eventually got the old hoses out and the new ones in, along with the wiring for the pressure pump. The lines up to the front clipped in fine and were about the right length.

    Now, can someone remind me – black and blue – which is feed and which is return?


    Black feed, blue return…
    I did this today – the right hand one came out of the clip with a tug – the left hand needed screwdriver persuasion (and a good tug…)



    no such user

    Further update tonight and good progress – several hours bracketeering in the workshop and the 2E throttle plate housing is almost ready to begin a new life of crime running Bosch Digifant with two microswitches, rather than the potentiometer of the 2E system.

    Pictures here: http://diamondhell.com/component/option,com_rsgallery2/Itemid,29/page,inline/id,797/catid,28/limitstart,0/

    Need more Argoshield and time.

    I gathered together a load of crossflow pictures from VWVortex the other night. These are now here:



    no such user

    Yay – have new bottle of Argoshield, so can continue with the second bracket tonight, hopefully!


    no such user

    Completed bracketry to hold microswitches and plug:


    Also blanked off the EGR valve hole in the manifold and acquired rather nice packaging from work to ship the head off in.




    Originally posted by Diamond Hell

    I instantly thought of K-Jet as soon as I saw the fifth injector, too. I have a pick-up here that runs it, so I’m familiar with the cold-start circuits etc etc.

    Would that be a 6th injector?


    no such user

    Only on a nice 5-banger motor, Steve



    no such user

    I had a fairly industrious session the night before last.

    The heater, dash and dashboard loom are now safely re-located in the car.

    The Techtonics cam has also now arrived, which is nice. Apparently the ABF rad is now in at Vee W Services, ready for collection, too.

    Spoke to the guy doing the head work earlier today and he’s received it and the flywheel (getting a lightened one) and it should be ready for collection by next Tuesday [:0].

    I’ll be collecting the head and flywheel the weekend after this, so the items which will be outstanding are the bits due from Chris, some spacers for the prop that DannyP said I’d need (and he could get sorted, you listening, Danny?). Once this little lot shows up it’s going to be bolted together, really *gulp*.


    Chris S

    Spacers for the prop???


    no such user

    Yes, the 02C gearbox dosen’t bolt straight onto a pre 90 propshaft, well it bolts up but it’ll trash the rubber doughnut and the drive flange on the gearbox once you start putting power through it.

    the recesses in drive flange are as follows ( as far as I know )

    rallye 25mm
    passat syncro g60 22mm
    90 spec syncro 22mm
    pre 90 spec syncro 18mm

    So you have an 18mm lug in a 22mm recess & put under load that is going to move about and trash ether the doughnut or the driveflange, so there are 3 options I see,
    1) get a passat g60 doughnut and machine the propshaft end down to 18mm or
    2) get a piece of steel bar, centerbore it 18mm, the turn the outside diameter down to 22mm then part off 3mm sections. fit the said sections onto the rubber doughnut on the gearbox side and sorted you have a nice tight fit.
    3) find and fit ether a 90 speck front propshaft section or whole prop and rear diff


    no such user

    Anyone got any thoughts on the speedo cable on the Syncro gearbox versus the electronic speedo pickup on the cable-change box? Not essential, but nice to know how fast one is going.


    Chris S

    Yes take it out and use a normal G60 type speedo cable, I have a spare one here I will put in the next parcel unless you saved the Passat one?

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