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    Good read :) I’ve just started at the beginning and worked my way through. I should get my Syncro at the end of this month (hopefully) :)



    i’ve just aquired a set of stock g2 syncro shocks and springs now :)


    Chris S

    That will be a better ride.



    probably :) just have to get them ON the car now :) and do a new alignment :( thats the downside of it, the alignment. a fast way to say good bye to 200euro



    rear shocks are mounted :) its now 55mm higher in the rear (measured from wheel centre to top wheel arch) :)

    front will soon go on aswell, but have to do some checking around for good prices on alignment.

    services like that are getting expensive, most at 200€ on up :(



    haha, my 5th gear suddenly disappeared on me today :(



    And wierdly enough, 5th decided to come back……



    and then the front shocks are on :)

    soo, car isn’t lowered anymore :) all i need to do now is to get the alignment done. did it by eye for now, just so i could get home without having to fight the syncro



    and then 5th decided to go away again?

    what the ****?

    1st time, okay, this could happen, but second time.. i’m not so sure anymore

    all cables are good, not loose or anything. so i’m starting to suspect the transmission..

    ohwell. time to take the endcap of the transmission off and have a look then

    i have ****loads of play in the 5th position on the gear stick. so something is off here

    all i remembver from assembling the transmission is that i didnt use loc-tite on the bolt that holds 5th…

    but i havn’t had any ill sounds, so i highly doubt that this has fallen out

    wierd ****

    oh, and the roads have gotten iced up here now. the ground has been frozen from the cold weather last week, and now it rains. so it freezes :)

    good fun to be honest



    nothing happens here? hmm.. that sucks

    ohwell, i’ve got a new engine on my hand, (from vegard) just need to pick it up, not very easy, since there is a few km between us, and i don’t have a proper car to pick up an engine with :(

    my engine is beyond tired. over 300 000km on it, with no internal work, started to develope piston slap, and ignition knock

    is there a place one can buy some time? and inspiration?

    there are no problem driving the car, but can’t really use the power, since it knocks like crazy when on load

    if i had the money, i’d get one of my blocks bored and fitted with new pistons, but machine work is damn expensive (like eveything else in this country)

    on a sidenote, still waitig for snow, its december, it should be loads of the stuff here, but noo. we’ve had warm weather, and rain, no snow, last year on this time, it was about minus 20 centigrade, now its only minus 2



    so, nothing has happend during the winter :) and now i’m preparing the car for its MOT. leaky rear diff, and some leaky exhaust, but that should be just about it i hope

    i have a 2 week sick leave from work because of surgery i had on monday, and after these 2 weeks, i got 3 weeks of vacation, so no work for me the next 4ish weeks :)

    thinking of replacing the driver side door because of rust, ive got a door lying around. just need to get it painted and mounted

    thats the situasion as of right now



    its been a long time since i checked in here :)

    life has its up and downs, i hit the “down” part very hard. but i’m climbing up again now.

    The syncro passed the “MOT” with no remarks at all. not even a single lightbulb was out :)

    i replaced the exhaust system with a new supersprint one. sounds great (as stock) but i can feel the car breaths better

    the reardiff is almost out of oil, so it does not leak anymore ;)

    the door i mentioned is painted and polished. looked great (i say looked, because a fellow garagemate decided to paint some stuff, and he used enamel paint in a spraygun, and the overspray got stuck to my door, so that needs to be either repainted, or sanded down and repolished)

    and i’ve replaced the small G60 Aircon intercooler with a rallye intercooler

    so its getting there, getting better and better

    and now i think the time has come to try to figure out why i don’t have any drive in reverse (relay in the centre console gets triggered when i put it in reverse, but nothing else happens)

    so thats either down to dodgy wiring or leaky vacuum. does anyone have an electrical chart for the 02C reverse system?


    Chris S

    Does anyone have an electrical chart for the 02C reverse system?

    I will send you it next time you are on Skype

    & Sent [;)]



    i regret to announce this..

    but i’m ditching the G60 ;)

    going 16vt

    saved up some money, quit smoking, made me have a few extra $$ making this happen..

    this will be done using audi 20vt parts (turbo, pistons, rods, manifold etc etc)

    mating this to a 16v block, which i have to do the frankenstein stud-mod on inorder to mount the angledrive bracket ;)

    pics will follow once i’ve started this

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