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    These are the wheels that persuaded me to sell my Golf Country Chrome steel wheels!

    This is the second set of 1552’s Retro Modern Line 8×15 ET30 snowflake wheels to hit our shores, and the first grey set. Another black set is also on its way to Blighty and there are currently only 6 sets in Europe! Yes Customs has given me a healthy sized bill, but c’mon- these are gorgeous!





    To find out more visit


    Heres a tip for Customs bills, dont pay over the phone if you want to collect you parcel. I thought Id paid the full Duty for the whole set of wheels, but it turns out that there was another bill the next day. All told Ive paid £160 on top of the purchase and postage price. I think thats a bit too much as Ive been charged over £120 VAT for $800 worth of wheels! Ill be sending off a letter to make sure I havent been overcharged but Im sure VAT is still 17.5%- my charge equates to £700!! I know theres a recession on but c’mon!! So I have to wait until Tues to get the other half of the wheels, but by god am I impressed!



    they dont look half bad on the car, but as i only have ones axles worth of tyres (the dealer only had 3 in stock), so car pics will have to wait- plus its a bit dirty at the mo
    Now Ill be the first to admit that Im not the biggest fan of stretched tyres, but I knew that Id have to give it a go with these wheels.
    Toyo T1R 195/45/15




    Im sure Ive a lot to learn yet about getting them sitting right for me…………



    ive managed to unearth the car from the tons of junk in the garage!!

    I had to put the new wheels somewhere safe and out of the way, so where better than on the car. Its basically a shell, so not sat correctly. Originally I was going to fit the polished ATS Motorsport 6×15 wheels, so at that time I didnt really feel the need to roll my arches. The Calmasters and the ballon-esq tyres had me twitching……… but 8″ under a completely standard arch, even with a modicom of stretch, is even more twitchy


    so glad I chose the greys and not the black style!

    More to come????………….eventually




    the projets isnt dead, but as per usual its dragging its heels. On another point- its not down to neglecting VWs but more down to rebuilding a Golf Country and also finishing off my Jetta GT restoration. When I took the Syncro up to get the paintwork repaired, ity was obvious that the paintwork was more than a bit ****e and needs a complete respray. Not the best news Ive had! Not by a long way! Theres a few points to hammer out but i was lucky enough to buy an electric window syncro center console the other week, so that will join my electric mirrors and sunroof



    What do you mean regarding the Syncro needing a complete respray? Wasn’t it completely painted a while back? Have you discovered that, aside from the scuttle being damaged during the housemove incident, the rest of it is defective in some way?

    If that’s what you mean then, well, you’d not be on your own: I’ve discovered that my G60 Syncro’s bonnet at least needs a repaint because of water that must have been in their compressor. So far the rest of the car looks okay many years after the paint, but I just hope no problems are lurking.



    Ho Trev
    yeah the paintjob done by Volkskraft did not wear well, despite 6 years or being under cover in a good garage. It just wasnt finished well enough (compared to the Jetta GT), and you could see krazing? in the paint. Complete waste of money really and im mega-miffed about it. It didnt help with Sie ripping the piss out of it either, but it will be back and better than before + I can adjust a few things here and there too



    The only real change is I’ve decided to fit a set of Votex arch trims from the VW accessory range, and I was lucky enough to find a syncro electric window center console- so electric windows all around, revert back to a VW sunroof (I have a tilt/slide one) so I can fit the electric motor from the GTI engineering brochure, and also fit electric mirrors too.
    The engine bay has been resprayed but it turns out that Volkskraft didnt even clean the bay properly in the first place and painted over wax and rust!
    The only thing im really struggling with is to decide which grill to use- early or late?? But defo 2 lamp

    pics soon



    so I made the journey to collect the Syncro the other weekend and boy was I impressed! Sie has outdone himself again!




    and finally in its new home for a while (maybe Ill actually finish this damn car!!)


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